Harpin' on Top o' The World
Here's a video of me and Lola hikin' and harpin' — not really "On Top o' The World," as the old blues tune goes, but on top of a beautiful if low mountain range in Vermont.
I'm not a high altitude hiker, so the highest I've ever done my HarmonicaRobics™ is a bit over 14,000 feet (4300 meters).
Naturally, the thinner the air, the harder it is to breathe or blow the blues, but HarmonicaRobics™ makes it easier!

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David Harp HarmonicaRobics™

Did that look like fun? You can learn to play a simplifed version of what I'm playing in the video — without a harmonica!
Just visit my new site:

dave lola xc ski pirouette
And this can be fun, but Don't Try This Yourself (unless you're a really good skier, and ready to get that harmonica OUT of your mouth if you start to fall)!
Note: You don't have to be a good harmonica player to do it, though...
It's actually easier to do this on when skiing alpine (ski lifts, ski lodges, etc.) than when skiing cross-country (and you have to ski down, and up, using your poles a lot on the latter). Sometimes when I'm "downhill" skiing I just leave my poles in the lodge and do a run playing harmonica the whole way — it helps me focus on carving my turns, since I can't think about the carving too much while I play a blues...
And I wish I could pirouette on skis like Lola can without 'em!